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Folk Club News
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Mummers Unconvention pictures
Well what a weekend that was. First we visited the Mummers Unplugged on the Thursday evening to see the brilliant collector Doc Rowe do a talk on Mumming using some of his vast collection of archived material on Customs and traditions on England. the talk and slide show was, of course fascination and eclectic, as only Doc can present a show. After that we had a performance from the Marshfield Mummers, a hugely respected side that has unchanged for over 75 years and has links going back over hundreds of years. It was the first time we have managed to catch the play as we were too late when we visited the play a few years back. in the second half of the evening there was a performance of "The 9 Niles of Brunel" by Rag Morris. A very entertaining performance indeed.
The Symposium on the Friday was really interesting and included papers being presented by such Mumming luminaries as Tom Brown from devon, Peter Millington of Master Mummers, Unconvention organiser Steve Rowley, Bill Tuck from the theatre world and Peter Harrop from the University of Chester, amongst others. A very wide presentation of Mumming was heard from Marshfield to The Caribbean.
As for the remainder of the weekend it would be best described and a riot of colour and traditional mayhem brought to the centre of Bath with 12 mumming groups performing in a variety of places in the City centre,. The looks on the shoppers faces were just a joy. Confused, delighted, bemused, slightly scared are all apt descriptions. See for your selves via this link.
We will also have some of Rob Jones's pictures up on the main website soon.
Brilliant day. Looking forward to the main event now this Christmas. IN COMES I !

Folk Club News
Lots of great guests coming up. We'll start with Devizes with Mat Green and Andy Turner -a brilliant duo of huge pedigree. Trowbridge have an open Mike evening on the 2nd December, Keiran Goss on the 9th and red Shoes on the 16th. Great line up.
Swindon Folksingers have Phil Callery coming on 2nd Dec check out this link for details there is a lots of other stuff you can find via our web pages at the usual address.

Whats on in and around Marlborough
 We also get regular information from the ever busy Angela Jones who is part of the which promotes lots of different events, including Folk, around the Marlborough area Well worth a quick peek.

Wilts Folk Arts Blog
The new news, views and reviews page is taking shape and we welcome your comments and input. Check out the link on our front page of the website here

Yirdbards Plus
Many of you know Paul Darby and his great repertoire of songs. The words of many of these are written by Peter Please, and the week after next Paul and Peter are teaming up to deliver a hours worth of music and words on a wintery theme. Do join them if you can. and do please forward this email to anyone else you think might be interested.

"WINTER STORIES"  An evening of song, music and story evoking the winter landscape
 The Yirdbards (singer Paul Darby, Patrick Randall, Verity Sharp & Iona Hassan) recall the winter season, past and present, with the help of traditional narratives written by the peasant poets, Stephen Duck and Mary Collier, and contemporary portraits of rural life
written and read by local writer, Peter Please, with Kirsten Bolwig and David Cohen.
 Friday 9th DecemberSt Mary Magdalene Church, Woodborough SN9 5PH7pm for drinks, 7.30pm start. Free admission. Donations invited. The performance will last one hour.
Saturday 10th DecemberSt Michael’s Church, Tidcombe SN8 3SL6pm start. Drinks afterwards For tickets call Tim Makower on 07771 847068 or email

Folk Festivals News
Chippenham Folk Festival has an offer not to miss with the early price tickets going up at the same price as last year. At £70 it is a real steal compared with the full price of £95. Go to the festival web site for full details
Also keep an eye on other festivals, particularly The Village Pump in our festival section. Great artists and good value tickets to be had all round.

That's it for now
Please do check out the blog and we'll see you at a folk event sometime soon

The Folk Arts team